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2015 Medical School Crash Course – At Capacity!


Thank you for registering for the 2015 Toronto Medical School Crash Course.


As a reminder, the Crash Course is THIS Saturday May 30 from 10am – 4pm.
It will be held at the University of Toronto in the Medical Sciences Building, Room 3153; located at 1 King’s College Circle.  Parking is available on the UofT campus for $10 / day – more information please visit: http://map.utoronto.ca/marker/kings-college-circle-parking-lot .  It is also accessible via the TTC – the closest stop is the Queen’s Park Subway station.
Please note that we have reached our capacity for this year’s Crash Course. As we are constrained by the room’s capacity, when possible, we’d appreciate if 1 rather than 2 parents could attend so that there is adequate room for all students.  Please keep in mind that we will be planning another Crash Course later in the summer.
 We will begin seating for the event at 9:30 am – as stated above, space is limited, so please arrive early to ensure adequate seating. I personally don’t want to waste your time or inconvenience you if we’re left with standing room only -just recognize that it is a possibility.
For those of you who are affiliated with student organizations at your campus – please get in touch! We can offer similar programs at your institution either during the summer or coming school year.
This will be a great Crash Course and a day full of information about your future application to medical school.
See you then!

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